Crawfish Boils

Crawfish season generally starts slowly around the first of every year reaching its peak in mid May. We try to have crawfish at the restaurant everyday they are available to us. They start dwindling down in availability by late June to mid July.

We use many different farmers in Louisiana who all ship via Southwest air cargo or FEDEX overnight. It costs a lil bit more but is necessary to insure quality.

As far as our boils ,we use our own boil seasoning which is blended for us in Opelousas, Louisiana. It is medium/hot in spiciness and it is a VERY traditional flavor. Sausage, corn and potatoes are also available. To go orders aren’t a problem with a lil notice either live or cooked. We also do offsite boils from 100 to 10,000lbs.

What ever your crawfish needs are, we are THE choice in South Florida. Contact chef Staz at The Dive for more information and pricing.

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